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The attorneys at Morelli Law Firm have many years of experience in the field of injury lawsuits, including winning precedent-setting cases. We know how to fight for our clients effectively. How do you know you can trust us to advance your interests in an elder abuse case? Our firm's history speaks for itself. We have obtained more than $2 billion for our clients in verdicts and settlements, and our attorneys have more than a century of combined experience. If you or someone close to you has been the victim of elder abuse, you can rely on our firm to fight aggressively for your rights. Contact us regarding any of the following situations.

Bedsores / Ulcers
Bedsores are avoidable and, with proper care and attention, should not occur. For this reason, they are often an early indicator of elder abuse or neglect. About 250,000 individuals in long-term care facilities suffer these painful injuries every year. Learn about the stages of this injury and what to do if your loved one has developed bedsores in his or her nursing home from not have sanitary needs met, from being left alone for long periods of time, or from other forms of neglect.

Bowel Impaction
Bowel impaction or blockage can be the extremely unpleasant and painful result of consistent and untreated constipation - a condition that can be caused or exacerbated by immobility, liver problems, and weakened intestinal muscles. Learn more about this serious sign of neglect.

Chemical Restraint
Some unscrupulous facilities have been known to purposefully overmedicate residents. If you have reason to believe that your loved one has been administered chemical restraints, contact a knowledgeable nursing home abuse attorney immediately.

Dehydration / Failing to Properly Hydrate
The Commonwealth Fund recently published data suggesting that as many as one in three residents of care facilities in the United States may be the victims of malnutrition or dehydration. This is an unconscionable and potentially deadly form of elder abuse or neglect. Protect your loved one by getting medical help and then talking to a nursing home abuse attorney if you suspect that he or she is suffering from dehydration at a care facility.

Elder Abuse and Neglect
Elder abuse is not limited to nursing homes or to one type of mistreatment. It can happen anywhere a senior lives and may include financial manipulation or exploitation, emotional abuse, abandonment, physical violence, sexual abuse, failure to provide proper nutrition or medical care, and more. Most abuse occurs at the hands of those in positions of trust. Learn what to do if you suspect elder abuse or neglect.

Falls / Fractures
The average assisted care facility in the U.S. with about 100 beds will see anywhere from 100 to 200 falls per year. Authorities believe that many more falls go unreported. While not every single fall is avoidable, it is nevertheless the responsibility of the caretakers at these facilities to take proactive measures in order to prevent injuries.

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly
Financial exploitation and manipulation of elderly individuals is sadly all too common in the U.S. Many perpetrators are trusted family members of the senior. If you have reason to believe that your loved one is being manipulated by a caretaker, contact our firm to discuss what steps you should take.

Injuries Resulting in Wrongful Death
Losing a loved one is always a painful experience, and especially so when their death was caused by the neglect or misconduct of another person. If your family member was killed due to injuries caused by the abusive or negligent actions of an individual entrusted with his or her care, contact Morelli Law Firm as soon as possible for strong and effective advocacy.

Malnutrition / Failing to Properly Feed
Whether due to negligence or outright malicious intent, malnutrition is a serious problem in many long-term care facilities in the U.S. If your loved one has lost a considerable amount of weight since entering his or her long-term care home, this could be a sign of malnutrition. Contact an attorney from Morelli Law Firm to discuss a possible lawsuit.

Physical Abuse
Signs of physical abuse can include broken bones, bruises, cuts, burns, or the use of physical restraints. If you suspect that your family member has been abused physically, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate authorities in order to protect your loved one's safety.

Psychological / Emotional Abuse
Not all abuse is of a physical nature. Psychological abuse - such as belittling, ridiculing, insulting, isolation, and threatening - can be just as damaging and cruel. Signs of emotional abuse include sudden changes in personality, including fearfulness and acting withdrawn. Get help if you suspect psychological abuse.

Sexual Abuse
Do you suspect that your family member has been subjected to sexual harassment or abuse in his or her long-term care facility or nursing home? This reprehensible behavior is unfortunately not uncommon. Do not ignore your suspicions or fail to say anything out of fear of embarrassing your loved one. Take action to protect his or her rights and safety.

Unaddressed Infections
Infections - even those that result from minor cuts or injuries - can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. If left unattended and untreated, sepsis can set in and lead to septic shock. One of the most common causes of infections in nursing home residents is bedsores.

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