Bowel Impaction

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Fecal impaction or bowel blockage is a serious and painful condition that can often occur in cases in which the patient suffers from chronic constipation. If left untreated, bowel blockage can lead to rectal tearing or bowel perforation. In extreme cases, fecal impaction can even be fatal.

Preventing Fecal Impaction in Nursing Home Residents

Many nursing home residents are at risk for this condition because of inactivity, weakened muscles, and liver problems. For this reason, staff members at care facilities must exercise awareness and caution in order to spot warning signs. Nursing homes should be proactive in protecting residents from this condition by ensuring regular exercise and access to proper nutrition, including foods rich in fiber. Fecal impaction is often a sign of serious nursing home negligence.

Signs of possible fecal impaction may include:

  • Bleeding from the rectum
  • Small stools
  • Extreme straining in the attempt to pass stool
  • Diarrhea
  • Two or more days without a bowel movement

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