Chemical Restraint

Defending Victims of Elder Abuse in New York & New Jersey

Some nursing home injuries - including bedsores / ulcers, bowel impaction, and falls / fractures - are most often signs of serious negligence. These injuries may be grounds for an elder neglect lawsuit. Other cases, however, involve outright premeditated abuse. One common form of abuse is intentional overmedication designed to calm or quiet a nursing home resident. Some facilities misuse psychoactive drugs to manipulate patients deemed "difficult" by staff members. These decisions are usually made in the best interest of the staff rather than the best interest of the patient.

Nursing Home Resident Rights

The Nursing Home Reform Act, which was passed in 1987, contains a bill of rights for nursing home residents. One of these rights is the right to be free from any form of restraint - both physical and chemical. If you have reason to suspect that your loved one is the victim of overmedication or the use of chemical restraints, it is important to take action to protect him or her. Do not hesitate to speak up about your concerns and to investigate the situation more thoroughly.

Some signs of overmedication or use of chemical restraints may include:

  • Sudden and serious changes in personality or behavior
  • Confusion
  • Slurred speech
  • Withdrawal
  • Spending most of his / her time in the room instead of outside or socializing with other residents
  • Similar attitudes in other nursing home residents

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