Unaddressed Infections

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It is the responsibility of nursing home staff members to regularly monitor residents and to safeguard the health of their patients proactively. One of the most imminent dangers for elderly patients can be developing infections that are unnoticed and allowed to advance. If an infection is left unaddressed, it can become life threatening. Regularly checking patients for open sores or problem areas must be a top priority for caretakers and the staff members of nursing homes.

Risks of Bedsores

One of the most common sources of infections for elderly individuals or patients who spend much of their time confined to beds or wheelchairs is bedsores / ulcers. These sores are caused by constant, unrelenting pressure to an area of skin, or friction created in the process of transferring or moving a patient.

If allowed to advance, these painful sores can cause deep tissue damage and even impact bones, tendons, and joints. At this point, the patient is at a high risk for sepsis, which is the introduction of dangerous bacteria and toxins into the tissue. Without medical attention, sepsis can cause a serious drop in blood pressure, which is known as "septic shock" and can lead to death.

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Because many elderly people in nursing homes suffer from medical conditions that lead to weakened or compromised immune systems, caretakers must be especially proactive and aware of any potentially problematic wounds or sores. If your loved one suffered from unaddressed infections at his or her nursing home, this is almost certainly a sign of serious neglect. Talk to a New York and New Jersey nursing home abuse attorney at Morelli Law Firm today. We are here to help you protect your loved one's rights and hold the responsible parties accountable so that other elderly patients will not suffer similar neglect.

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